The amazing Binh Chau Hot Natural Springs

17th Tháng Mười Một 2015

Vietnam is blessed with diverse natural resources including forests, seas and minerals and is valued as a high biodiversity with countless beautiful ecological landscapes. If you are looking for a relaxing place to energize yourself, Binh Chau Hot Natural Springs in Ba Ria-Vung Tau is the ideal site that you should pay a visit. 

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An overview

Situated in Bung Rieng commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria-Vung Tau, the existence of Binh Chau Hot Natural Springs was discovered by a French doctor named Sallet in 1928 during his survey trip to South Eastern. He found so much the high potentiality of this hot natural spring being favored by the most wonderful things by nature and anticipated that this site will definitely become one of the top tourists’ destinations providing an open green space for relax and convalescence. Then, he first introduced his finding in a newsletter study ‘Indochina Cu Mi’. However, it was not until the early years of the 21st century that Binh Chau Hot Natural Springs was brought into reconstruction to become a popular tourist site by Saigon – Binh Chau tourism Joint Stock Company.

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Attractive natural features

Being amidst the vast primeval forest and owning 70 hotspots with the abundant quantity of natural mud connecting around one river, this place becomes a perfect resort destination surrounded by green space. Furthermore, Binh Chau Hot Natural Springs also consists of numerous lakes and small streams, creating the harmony of flawless beauty. The largest lake serves as the hottest point with approximately 82°C hot, which is described as a giant natural spa with sparkling water and evaporated steam while the shallowest water point is heated at around 40 °C covered with the lust pine tree forests.

An ideal relaxing place

Thanks to these outstanding elements, Binh Chau Hot Natural Springs was recognized by the World Travel Organization as one of the most sustainable ecotourism among 65 areas and 47 nations in the world.

Benefits that Binh Chau Hot Natural Springs offers

The average temperature of the water in the hot springs ranges from 40°C to 82°C so its water encompasses a plenty of favorable substances such as silicon, nitrogen, sodium. Therefore, it is a valuable water source for effective treatment for patients as well as health recovery.

Water here is an effective treatment for health recovery

Spending 15 minutes bathing in the hot spring and 45 minutes in mud will help smooth your skin and reduce chronic poisoning diseases.

Additionally, there are other recreations of golf courses, tennis and volleyball sites, swimming pools pool and extensive gardens for visitors stroll around and admire the miracle beauty.

The marvelous scenery in the morning is coated with magical water steam. There’s nothing quite like having a stroll at dawn, enjoying the fresh atmosphere with fragrant flower rows and watching colorful butterflies flying under the rays of the morning sunlight. A visit to this amazing place undoubtedly provides full relaxation, energy and health.

Beautiful scenery in the morning

Unique eggs and strange way of boiling eggs

Your trip to this place will not be complete without trying the boiled eggs here. The difference is that these boiled eggs are strictly distinctive from others in the way the yolk inside the eggs is boiled first. These eggs are boiled in the 800°C wells. The taste is so fantastic that you will want to try it for the second time. Therefore, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy fun of boiling eggs here.

Boiling eggs in the well