Tam Dao Chayote- Special Food in Tam Dao

9th Tháng Mười Một 2015

Tam Dao has long been known as a must-visit destination in the North of Vietnam with beautiful scenes and comfortable weather through all time of the year. Moreover, this place has many special foods for visitors to enjoy. Chayote (su su) is the most popular delicacy of Tam Dao that everyone coming back from here always buys it for their family and friends.

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Tam Dao chayote
Su su (Chayote) – A delicacy of Tam Dao

Thanks to cool weather, chayote plants grow fast and strong all year long without any pesticide. Tam Dao chayote is famous not only for its freshness and clean but also for it special flavor. It’s the ingredient for many easy yet delicious recipes. Therefore, despite of its expensive price sometimes, it’s always sold well.

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tam dao chayote
The freshness and clean of Tam Dao chayote

In the past, people here grew chayote plants to sell its fruits but with farmer’s creativity, the top of chayote plants have become the delicacy of Tam Dao. Boiled chayote fruit is tastier when you eat with salty milled peanuts.  The top of chayote plants are often fried with beef, used to make salads, etc. The fresh, sweet and crunchy tastes of chayote are always so delicious.

tam dao chayote
Sauteed chayote with garlic is a popular dish in Tam Dao

The color of chayote plants now covers all mountains in Tam Dao. It’s such an amazing green and cool picture. “Chayote Mountains” embellish the peace and freshness to the beauty of Tam Dao.

tam dao chayote
The color of chayote plants covers all mountains in Tam Dao

If you have a change to visit Tam Dao, don’t forget to buy chayote as a gift for your family and friends. You can buy it in the market or from the street vendors. The price is from 15,000 to 20,000 for a kilogram top of chayote plants. In Hanoi, there are many places selling this vegetable from Tam Dao, you also can buy it from them. However, be careful with “Tam Dao chayote” which is sold at cheaper price from unclear suppliers. It might contain pesticide sometimes.