Monkey bridge of Vietnam – the dangerous bridges

23rd Tháng Mười Một 2015

Around the world, there are many unusual bridges which characterize the lifestyle and custom of the local people in every country. In Vietnam, monkey bridges are recognized as one of the world’s most dangerous bridges.

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The name “monkey bridge” doesn’t come from the animals that cross the bridge, but the posture humans must maintain to go through it. It is also called coconut bridge or bamboo bridge due to the main material which is used to make it.

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Monkey bridge

Monkey bridge
The name “monkey bridge” comes from the posture humans must maintain to go through it

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These bridges are built by hand of the locals. The bridge, with or without handrails, is typically made of single bamboo or wooden logs. The posts are plugged deeply into the stream or gully.

Monkey bridge
The bridge is typically made of single bamboo or wooden logs

These bridges are narrow and shaky. Therefore, it would be very difficult and dangerous for those who don’t cross them usually. However, the locals make it look so easy when they can even carry a heavy masson their shoulders while passing the bridge.

Monkey bridge
Monkey bridge is narrow and shaky

If you have never tried it, you might feel like playing a risky game. You’d better watch your step carefully in order to avoid plunging into the stream below.

Monkey bridge
Many tourists even go to a place to set foot on the bridges that give them thrills

This type of bridge is also very popular in the Mekong Delta, which has a complicated stream system. In coastal areas of the Red River Delta in the North of Vietnam, such as Giao Thuy, Hai Hau (Nam Dinh province) or Tien Hai (Thai Binh province), there are also footbridges, mainly for passers to take care of rice in the fields.

Monkey bridge
Taking memorable picture with a uniquely Vietnamese traditional symbol

Along with the development in living standard, locals have built safer and steadier bridges to cross the rivers. However, the monkey bridges remain a uniquely Vietnamese traditional symbol.