How to travel with children be careful

18th Tháng Mười Một 2015

Family vacation is a good chance for parents and children to have interesting memories and fun learning experiences. However, sometimes traveling with kids can be a challenge which is full of hassle that requires your patience and preparedness. Here are our tips for traveling with children to help you have a fun trip with your kids.


Before traveling

Create anticipation

Start a countdown calendar by something that illustrates your destination such as a photo, etc. You can decide what to pack but allow children to pack their favorites (may be toys). Remember to bring some essential items such as hard candies, tissues, hand wipes, gum, and maybe surprise toys for your kids.

traveling with children

Update and take vaccinations

tips for traveling with children

Before traveling abroad, it is necessary to update immunizations. You should check with public health authorities to get advisable vaccines depending on your destination.

Some recommended immunisations are:

  • Hepatitis B vaccine & Hepatitis A vaccine
  • Rabies vaccine
  • Japanese B Encephalitis vaccine
  • Typhoid vaccine
  • Yellow fever vaccine

Travel by airplane

At the airport

traveling with children

Arrive early to check-in and to prevent some last-minute confusion.

During the flight

You should remember to bring infant seats (for children weighing less than 40 pounds) that meet current safety standard.
The first row in economy class may be the best coach seats when you fly with small children. Do not allow kids to walk around without supervision.

traveling with children

Get your seat assignment in advance is a great way to make sure families are seated together. If a flight is full and it’s is impossible to obtain seat assignment in advance, you can ask the airline personnel at the airport. They may ask other people to change seats.

You can buy water after going through security. Drinking water will prevent your family from dehydrating. Various kinds of toys may keep children’s interest from waning.

Travel by car     

traveling by carBring pillows and blankets will make everyone more comfortable. You should stop frequently to stretch and to use restrooms. Plenty of engaging toys or CDs of children’s favorite songs are necessary.

tips for traveling with children

Once there

You should make a daily schedule when traveling. Besides, remember to provide your relatives or friends with phone numbers or addresses of hotels where your family stay.

At the hotel

Put safety first

Hide all small and sharp objects, cleaners, and accessible medications that kids could get their hands on. You should familiarize yourself with hotel’s evacuation routes and fire and emergency.

Extra precautions

If your vacation involves a trip to water such as a pool, a water park, etc, never let your children off alone even when they know how to swim. They should wear a life jacket. Avoid cold temperatures, sudden drop-offs, and currents.

Sunscreen with 30 SPF and a hat with a wide brim are needed to protect children’s skin from harmful rays of the sun.

It is also important to bring some necessary medications such as insect repellants, pain relievers, etc. Bring your doctor’s number is a good idea.

tips for traveling with children

More important…

You should maintain a sense of humor while traveling to make your family vacation a memorable vacation despite any unforeseen obstacles.