Ho Chi Minh’s Residence, Hanoi

19th Tháng Mười Một 2015

Refusing to live in the Presidential palace, President Ho Chi Minh lived in a normal electrician’s house nearby. The Government had a simple and nature-oriented environment constructed for him to live and work.

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ho chi minh resident
Walking around, visitors can feel his simple and pure lifestyle in an wooden tiled house on stilt (of the Ethnic minority group’s style), surrounded by a gardens full of fruit trees and a peaceful fishpond.

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Coming inside, visitors can witness a site left in the genuine state of the President last days here. The house has two floors. The ground floor was the meeting place, consisting of 12 chairs around a large table. Upstairs, there is a bookshelf used as a wattle between his study room and bed room. The lowest level of the shelf is laid a small typewriter for him to type himself. His bed room is very simple with a single wooden bed, a small blanket, a rush mat, a fan made of palm leaves and a bottle of water.
Visitors can see a cotton bonnet he used to wear when alive. Some books  periodicals he was reading are left on the table. The beloved President lived here from 1958 until he passed away.