Enjoy drinks and pastry at many café in Hanoi

21st Tháng Mười Hai 2015

If you’re wondering  what to do in vietnam, and where to start, Hanoi is a good destination for your starting. The combination between drinks and pastry at many café in hanoi  has gradually become popular and highlight at menu lists of the young and office staffs.

You can consider following suggestions for your reference:

1. Cup Of Tea Cafe & Bistro

Molten Chocolate Lava is most favorite fast food at Cup of Tea Cafe & Bistro. The reason why the shopkeeper named it the lava is that when diners cut a piece of cake, a flow of chocolate streams out like lava. In addition, the shop serves sesame cake and tasty honey cakes. Particularly, drinks here are varied to be harmonious with such these cakes. Their names are also very special such as: Summer Fruit, Strawberry Sunrise and Hot Chocolate. The shop also serves ice-cream balls, red wine with fresh fruits.

cup of tea

Molten Chocolate Lava at Cup of Tea Cafe & Bistro, Linh Lang street, Ba Dinh district

2. Vanilla Cake and Drink

Although Vanilla Cake and Drink has just put into operation, the shop attracts a lot of youths and office staffs in surrounding areas. Carrot cake, Japanese cheese cake or passion fruit mousse is the best dishes to please clients. Cupcakes are described with the bitterness of the chocolate butter cream, juicy aroma of creamy peanut butter, shaped like a lovely rose. They are suitable for breakfast or afternoon tea with friends.


Favorite cakes and drinks at Vanilla Drink and Cake, Giang Vo street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi, vietnam

3. Weather Girl Coffee and Tea

Pabingsu – mixture of fruits served with red bean congee, shaved ice and ice cream from Korean has been stirring the youth menu in Hanoi, also has appeared at the Weather Girl. In addition, the restaurant also has adorable decoration, with a beautiful combination of tea cakes, dishes of many layers for cakes. Drinks here, though not new, but the price is very reasonable.

weather girl

Weather Girl Coffee and Tea with nice-looking decoration