Cao Bang Travel Tips in Vietnam


Cao Bang is a province of the Northeast region of Vietnam and it is located on the border Guangxi Province of China. Cao Bang is famous for both revolutionary homeland and beautiful mountain area with charming natural landscape. Blue rivers or zigzagging mountain passes draw dreaming fatherland scenery. Hence, Cao Bang is regarded as the gorgeous land with superlative tourism resources. The fascination of this land attracted tourists of all ages, from the elderly visiting old battlefield to young people loving exploring. All of them come here not only to get to know history of Vietnam but also discover the beauty of nature. It is about 300km from Hanoi; so you will have a long trip to reach this land.

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  Trekking in Cao Bang

  In each season of year, Cao Bang owns a separated allurement and specialty.     Therefore, depending on your purposes and your preferences, you can choose   any time to come here. However, you should not come here in the summer         because high temperature and hot weather maybe make you exhausted and       uncomfortable. It is suitable for travellers to visit many places and enjoy a lot     of specialties in the fall and spring with cool climate. And according to the         visitors who ever took a Vietnam adventure tour share that the best time to come to Cao Bang is August and September when Ban Gioc waterfall filled with blue water. Moreover, in November and December, Cao Bang is also very nice because this is the time of wild sunflowers blooming around the mountain.

Cao Bang is well known for Ban Gioc waterfall, the fourth largest one in the world. Being located on the border of Vietnam and China and it is the largest one in Asia. It cannot full a trip if you neglect this destination when setting foot on Cao Bang. This waterfall possesses an incredibly majestic and pristine beauty. Ban Gioc Falls is considered one of the valuable gifts that nature presents to Cao Bang. Riverbank is covered with poetic landscape, green grass, and floating white clouds.

Just far away this fall 3km, Nguom Ngao cave is other attractions with charming and original beauty bearing fanciful color. Especially, each hanging cluster creates strange shapes which stimulate the tourists’ curiosity. This lively and interesting scene always makes all people admirable and surprised.

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In addition, Lenin stream and Pac Bo cave are also famous historical monuments where uncle Ho chose to work and directly lead the Vietnam revolution. These places are wonderful landscapes with green color of mountain and poetic stream. Being laid among perennial forest, these monuments have cool and windy atmosphere with fragrant forest flowers. Furthermore, Thang Hen Lake surrounded by primary jungle is also known as great scenery of Cao Bang. To explore this river, visitors can hire a boat to fell the freshness and relaxation of this dreaming place. In addition, there is variety of attractions in Cao Bang such as Bach Ma Rampart, Nghieu Son Linh, Kim Dong historical vestige that you should not ignore.

Especially, the Cao Bang adventure tour’s appeal lies not only in charming beauty but also in the specialties that make you cannot forget made by friendly and hospitality residents. Referring to Cao Bang’s cuisine, we must mention Trung Khanh chestnut that you only can find in nowhere except for Cao Bang. People remember it because of its unique favor and buttery taste. Besides, ant egg cake is a special cake of Cao Bang. The ingredients consist of sticky rice flour, ant eggs and young leaves of fig trees. This cake has favor of mountain combined with greasy, fleshy and delicious aftertaste. Moreover, coming to this land, you can have chance to enjoy many other special foods such as Hien vegetables, grilled duck, or sour soup, etc.All of them will make your holiday greater and more exciting.

If you are in days off and want to award yourself a relaxing time, do not hesitate, let take a Cao Bang trekking tour to fell the fresh air, harmony of nature and people. I believe that it will be an unforgettable memory in your life and after journey, you maybe want come here with your family, your lover one more time.