Bac Ha Market

26th Tháng Mười Một 2015

Bac Ha Market_ an ideal market to discover pristine beauty and culture of ethnic groups in the Northwest region

Bac Ha Fair

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What this market offers?

Bac Ha Fair is divided into different smaller sections selling different products.

Every necessary household item and farming tool is sold at this market, from shovels, hoes, to embroidered products.

Bac Ha Fair

Most visitors will be interested in hand-made embroidered fabric handicrafts. There are many kinds of embroidered products such as colorful clothes, scarves, handbags, etc. It may take months, or a year to make these handicrafts.

In addition, there is also buffalo market section. This is the busiest section of Bac Ha Fair.

Bac Ha Fair

Buffalo price will depend on using purpose, for plowing or for meat. There are also many other animals sold at this market such as pigs, dogs, ducks, etc.

Bac Ha Fair

You can take your time to visit some other famous destinations such as Hoang A Tuong Palace, Bac Ha Temple, Pho Hamlet, etc.

What to eat?

You should not forget to try thang co while at Bac Ha Fair. There are up to 20 stalls selling thang co. This place is the cradle of thang co with the history of about 200 years. Thang co is a traditional dish of people in the Northwest region. It is made of internal parts of a horse and spicy fruits. It is an interesting experience when gathering around a giant pan and tasting a bowl of thang co, and drinking fermented corn wine.

Bac Ha Fair

Useful information

You can take a sleeper bus at My Dinh Bus Station in Hanoi to get to Bac Ha. .

There are many places which are convenient for your stay, from local guesthouses to luxury hotels.

Bac Ha Fair